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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the outward expression of your company, product, or service used to distinguish itself in consumers’ minds. Your brand identity consists of ideas and features that connect your brand with its consumers. Brand identity includes the brand’s definition and purpose, positioning statement, target audience, slogans, logo, color palette, and fonts.

24 Brandhouse specializes in building distinctive brand identities that serve as strong foundations for helping brands make money 24/7.

We help our clients build strong foundations using our Brand Identity Framework. This framework consists of your brand definition, brand positioning statement, target audience, slogans, logo designs, color palette, and fonts. With a clear brand identity defined, we are able to successfully develop your website and social media marketing campaigns to help your brand save time, save money, and gain more customers.

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We provide three Brand Identity Packages to help you accomplish your goal. Receive free consultation, free research development, and free concept development with all three packages.

Growth Brand Identity Package

  • Brand Identity Framework
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Product Label Design

Startup Brand Identity Package

  • Brand Identity Framework
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Product Label Design

Seed Brand Identity Package

  • Brand Identity Framework
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Product Label Design
Brand Identity Framework

Your Brand Identity Framework is the foundation for your brand. It provides a clear direction for your brand to stand out, accomplish business goals, and gain more customers. 

Brand Identity Framework Includes:

  • Logo Design – we create a distinctive and memorable logo that represents, distinguishes, and identifies your brand.
  • Brand Definition – we help define your brand’s key attributes and what makes your brand unique and relevant to its target audience.
  • Target Audience – we help define customer profiles to clearly identify who your brand’s ideal customers are.
  • Positioning Statement – we help craft a statement for your brand that provides a clear understanding to your target audience about what makes your brand a perfect match.
  • Slogans –  we help develop short and memorable phrases that convey the value of a brand and can be used for advertising campaigns and headlines. 
  • Color Palette – we provide a choice of colors that create a consistent and memorable visual identity for your brand. 
  • Fonts – we provide a selection of fonts that align with your brand identity.
Print Design

We provide print designs that display the brand of your company on printed materials that exhibit your professionalism in the industry of your company.

Print Design Includes:

  • Banners – Banners are ideal for getting people’s attention. Banners are large-format prints that can be tall or wide and can be used for advertisements, announcements, or informational purposes.
  • Book Covers – Book cover designs are meant to convey the theme or purpose of your book in a distinctive manner. 
  • Brochures –  Brochures allow you to display important information about your company, product, or service in an organized manner.
  • Business Cards – Business cards are small printed cards containing your name, contact information, and business information.
  • Envelopes – Envelopes designed with your branding and logo helps your letters become more easily recognized. Customized envelopes add credibility to your mailed documents.
  • Folders – Folders keep your materials organized and are perfect for presenting information at business meetings, sales pitches, and tradeshows. 
  • Letterheads – Letterheads are printed headings at the top of a sheet of paper. Custom letterheads help promote your company name, helps your letters look official, and command the attention of your readers.
  • Posters – Posters provide promotion and brand awareness for your company allowing you to advertise your products and services in a public space.
Social Media Design

We provide social media designs that display the brand of your company on social media channels to help build brand awareness.

Social Media Designs Includes:

  • Profile Photos
  • Banners & Cover Photos
  • Promotional Designs
  • Stories Designs
  • Icon Designs
  • & more
Product Label Design

We provide product label designs that represent the brand of your company.

Product Label Design Includes:

  • Full Product Wrap (Label designs that wrap around the product)
  • Print-Ready (Files suitable for printing a high-resolution label)
  • Source File (Original design file to allow printers to edit design if necessary)
  • Commercial Use (Label designs suitable for engaging in commerce)
  • Dielines (Proper layouts for a printed product including lines for folding and cutting labels)

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