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Brand Identity

Ty and his team of specialists have a set of special skills to help you develop brand identities suitable helping your brand make money 24/7.

His team uses special skills in designing distinctive visual elements that identify and distinguish your brand representing you, your company, and your products and services.

They are highly skilled in five areas: logo design, style guides, typography, color palettes, and patterns and textures.

These services are included in our Brand Identity Package:

Logo Design – We create a distinctive and memorable logo that represents your company and your product or your service.

Style Guide –We provide a style document that contains all of the design work we have created to represent your company’s brand across all media channels.

Typography – We create a collection of fonts and types used to keep your visual brand identity and messaging consistent. 

Color Palette – We provide a collection of colors that best represents your company’s products or services to harmonize your visual brand identity.

Patterns & Textures – We design elements with patterns and textures to add depth to your visual brand identity to make your brand more memorable and distinguishable with your customers. 

Brand Identity Package


*Includes all of the services listed above. Our packages are customizable and monthly payment plans are available.

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Building brands representing you, your company, and products & services.

Helping brands make money 24/7

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