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About 24 Brandhouse

1007 N. Orange Street

Wilmington, Delaware

About Our Company

24 Brandhouse is a national branding agency developed in 2015 by Founder and CEO, Ty Edwards.

Our mission is committed to your business as if it was our own. We accomplish this mission by gaining a complete understanding of your business’s purpose, vision, uniqueness, and target audience. This mission exemplifies our brand, our goals, and our future.

About Our Brand

Our brand is about building you a successful brand with a strong foundation. 24 Brandhouse represents working on your brand 24/7 until you’re satisfied. We create your distinctive brand identity using our three services

About Our Goals

Our goal is to accommodate small and medium-sized businesses with a full line of services, free consultations, and free proposals. We help you to grow your business into a successful brand with a clear brand identity, website, and social media strategy.

About Our Future

In the next 3 years, we are expanding our branding agency globally. In the process, we will work to build successful brand identities for businesses to have a globally strong foundation, especially for black-owned businesses.

Ty Edwards

Founder / CEO / Brand Strategist

About Our Founder

24 Brandhouse was founded by Ty Edwards. He built 24 Brandhouse as an agency that focuses on helping startup businesses with great concepts. He also helps established businesses with great products and services to help them build a strong brand.

Ty’s mission is to help many businesses in the six stages of business, especially black-owned businesses that need help with their visual identity. In doing so, he employs his design experience, his degrees of knowledge, and his business.

About His Branding Experience

Ty has 17 years experience in the branding industry. He has helped the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the African-American community. Being a proud representation of these businesses, he saw the need for these businesses to develop strong brands with strong foundations.

Ty’s branding experience gives him insight in modern trends of brand identity, website building, and social media. This insight permits him to help you build a brand with a strong foundation that helps you build long-lasting relationships with your customers to help you make money 24/7.

About His Degrees

He has multiple degrees of knowledge in multimedia, Adobe Creative Suite, brand strategy, website development, and social media strategy. This education permits him to offer services that help build a visual identity that best represents the businesses he accommodates..

About His Business

With his national branding agency, Ty is providing supportive services for businesses that are in different stages of the business cycle. With 24 Brandhouse, he is looking to specifically help black-owned businesses become global brands in all industries over the next decade. 

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